Make Change - Travel more Sustainable!, 2020.

Author: Jelisaveta Jovanovic

Year of publication: 2020

All over the world, but especially in Europe, the free movement of people is easier and cheaper than ever, that is, travel has never been so accessible. In 2019, the number of visits by international tourists amounted to close to 1.5 billion, while the tourism industry was the third largest export category. Therefore, the consequences for the national economy as well as the environment were significant. However, the year 2020 brought a new normality and made travel impossible, that is, it opened a space for thinking about the (un)sustainability of our tourist habits. In this regard, a guide has been created with specific suggestions and tips for responsible and sustainable travel.

This guide is the result of the work of young people from Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Austria, Moldova and Romania who participated in the competition "50 ideas for Europe", especially awarded in the fields of Mobile and Traveling Europe and Europe for You (th) which were the basis of this publication. Without their creative and innovative ideas as well as initiated changes at the local, national, regional and European level, this analysis, ie. publication would not be possible.

The publication was created through the project "50 ideas for Europe: New leaders, New Opportunities" which is realized by the Belgrade Open School with the support of the Novi Sad – European Youth Capital 2019 (OPENS).

You can download the publication HERE