Future Studies

The one-year multidisciplinary program Future Studies, for selected university students, consists of: Modules of Knowledge and Skills; Internship Program; Alumni2Students Mentoring Program and Final Project.


Future Studies Lectures

Future Studies lectures are developed upon the principles of open communication, multidisciplinary, and peer-to-peer interaction. Through various lectures, panel discussions, workshops, training, and simulations, students are encouraged to futher explore topics and thus, strengthen critical thinking.

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Alumni2Students Mentorship Program

Alumni2Students Mentorship Program of the Belgrade Open School aims to match prominent members of the alumni community and ongoing students to work together on professional and personal development.


Internship Program

Following recommendations for quality framework for traineeships, Belgrade Open School provides students with an opportunity to expand their skills and gain professional experience. BOS has established partnership with organizations, institutions, and companies from all three sectors aiming to respond to fast-changing world of work and meaningfully support students in their transitions.


Final Project

An opportunity for students to explore hot topics and shed light on emerging issues in society and publish their research as an academic essay, policy paper, or case study.

Partners and Associates