Educational Programme "PolitiKAS"

Educational programme „PolitiKAS“ is designed for young leaders from Serbia, representatives of political parties, the center-right and moderate right-wing activists and civil society organizations who represent the values of the center-right and moderate right in their work. The aim of this educational program is to give students additional knowledge in the field of contemporary political theory and practice that will contribute to the improvement of their political work, on the one hand, and networking students to encourage their cooperation important for successful advocacy of ideas and values of their organization, on the other hand.

Educational programme "PolitiKAS" has several specific goals:

  • raising the level of knowledge of young leaders about the basic concepts of internal and foreign policies, democratic political institutions and ideas, economic and social policy and European integration processes;

  • improving student skills in teamwork, presentation and public appearances, writing proposals for practical policy and advocacy, as well as related skills;

  • strengthening the network of young leaders from political parties and civil society organizations representing the values and ideas of the center-right and moderate right, in order to improve their communication and coordination and awareness of the need to strengthen their cooperation in achieving social consensus and a better representation of ideas and values of their organizations.


Time, place and conducting manner of the educational programme "PolitiKAS"

The programme will be held at the premises of Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Makedonska 2.

Lectures will be held during two semesters. The first semester lasts from October to the end of December of the current year, and the second semester lasts from February to May of the following year. Each semester will be organized in two courses. Each course consists of 10 one-hour lectures, workshops or trainings. Lectures, workshops and trainings are organized on Tuesdays from 17:30 - 20:45.

Belgrade Open School
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