PolitiKAS Debates: Influence of External Actors on the Western Balkans

After the first series of debates within the PolitiKAS debate program: New Normal, the Konrad Adenauer FoundationBelgrade Open School and the Eduardo Frei Foundation are organizing another series of debates with the aim of involving the wider community in a conversation that brings together different views.

The debate on "Influence of External Actors on the Western Balkans" is planned for Tuesday, May 25th at 5.30 pm.

Speakers at the debate will be Milan Krstić, Assistant Professor at University of Belgrade - Faculty of Political Sciences and Trainer of the Eduardo Frei Foundation. The debate will be moderated by Pavle Nedića Resarch-trainee in Institute of International Politics and Economics.

The event will be held online, via the ZOOM platform. The working language of the debate is English, and translation will be provided for all participants.

If you want to participate in the discussion, ask a question and learn something new, we invite you to apply by e-mail: politikas@bos.rs. Please send us your name, the name of the organization, faculty or political partyyou belonge and tell us why this topic is interesting to you. The number of places to participate in the online debate is limited. Applicants will receive accession link for the debate via email.


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