PolitiKAS: About Regional Youth Policy and EU

Each Tuesday, a block of lectures is held at the premises of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation during the spring semester for participants of the XI generation of the educational programme PolitiKAS.

Topics covered in recent weeks concerned relations between Belgrade and Pristina, as well as production quality for various markets within the European Union. Within the module Politics II, Miljana Pejic, manager of the National Youth Council of Serbia, gave a lecture on the topic of  Youth Policy at the Regional Level. During this interactive lecture, participants had the opportunity to learn more about youth policy goals, youth participation in decision-making process, regional initiatives and platforms, as well as the Regional Office for Youth Cooperation (RYCO), which aims to promote youth reconciliation and cooperation in the region through youth exchange programms.

The topic of the lecture, held within the European Integration Module, was "The process of creating common policies and lobbying in the European Union". The lecture was delivered by Ivana Radic Milosavljevic, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences, who discussed with the participants about process of creating and implementing public policies in the EU, organizing and lobbying at EU level, as well as political parties and how they are organized at EU level. Finally, the participants discussed who actually holds the keys of the EU.

Participants of the XI generation are expected to have seven more blocks of lectures on political engagement of youth, diplomacy, protection of human and minority rights, European integration of Serbia as well as the future of the EU after Brexit, and other topics in the field of European integration and policies that shape our society.

At the end, this semester will be rounded off by writing an essay that will cover topics they have had an opportunity to listen to in the spring semester.

Due to the state of emergency - corona virus (COVID-19), the lectures are postponed until further notice.

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