PolitiKAS Debate: How to Use the Right Political Communication for Politics Affirmation
10. Jun 2021.
PolitiKAS Debates: How we communicate political messages today?
01. Jun 2021.
PolitiKAS Debates: Foreign Stakeholders and Benefits, Possibilities and Challenges for the Western Balkans
27. May 2021.
PolitiKAS Debates: Influence of External Actors on the Western Balkans
14. May 2021.
PolitiKAS Debates: Strengthening of New Political Parties in Europe – From Economic to Identity Issues
13. May 2021.
PolitiKAS Debate: Potential of New Parties in Europe
03. May 2021.
Politikas Debate: Sustainable Cities – Social Progress, Economic Development and Responsibility toward the Environment
24. Apr 2021.
PolitiKAS Debate: How to Reach Sustainable Cities?
13. Apr 2021.
PolitiKAS Debate: The Third Way as a Solution for Freelancers
08. Apr 2021.
PolitiKAS Debate: Freelance entrepreneurship - experiences of Serbia and the Netherlands
30. Mar 2021.
PolitiKAS Debate: Lobbying – Achieving Interests with Knowledge and Networking
26. Mar 2021.
PolitiKAS Debate: Significance of lobbying – practice examples from Serbia and the Netherlands
15. Mar 2021.
PolitiKAS Debate: The Public Hearing as a Mechanism for the Improvement of the Democratic Capacity of the Parliament
10. Mar 2021.
PolitiKAS debate: Public Hearing as an Institution of Parliamentary Practice
04. Mar 2021.
PolitiKAS Debate: Who and Why Have We Elected – 30 Years of the Multiparty System in Serbia
24. Feb 2021.
PolitiKAS debate: Thirty Years of the Multiparty System in Serbia
19. Feb 2021.
PolitiKAS debate: Report of the European Commission: What is the plan for the Western Balkans?
20. Nov 2020.
Do Orthodoxy and Democracy have something in common?
19. Nov 2020.
PolitiKAS debate: Orthodoxy and Democracy
13. Nov 2020.
Whoever has the Information has the Power
12. Nov 2020.
PolitiKAS debate: About the new world order in the world of chaos
04. Nov 2020.
PolitiKAS debate: Digital Dictatorship
04. Nov 2020.
PolitiKAS debate: On integration into the new society and youth engagement in the EU
28. Oct 2020.
On the importance of civic participation in democratic processes and the role of parliament
22. Oct 2020.
PolitiKAS debate: The importance of citizen participation in democratic processes and the role of parliament as the highest representative body
15. Oct 2020.
On the possibilities and perspectives of the innovative society of Serbia and the Netherlands
14. Oct 2020.
PolitiKAS debate: Innovative Society today: Opportunities and Perspectives
09. Oct 2020.
On local policy making: Examples of good practice and recommendations
07. Oct 2020.
PolitiKAS debate: Creating Public Policies in the Local Community
02. Oct 2020.
PolitiKAS: Love each other, instead of tolerating
13. Jul 2020.
PolitiKAS: Final lectures about Serbia-EU relations and brain drain
24. Jun 2020.
PolitiKAS: About the role of the church in the modern world, global trends and energy policy of Serbia
05. Jun 2020.
PolitiKAS: Lectures continue in the online space
04. May 2020.
PolitiKAS participants as volunteers during the state of emergency
30. Apr 2020.
PolitiKAS: About Regional Youth Policy and EU
16. Mar 2020.
PolitiKAS: Spring semester for the XI generation
26. Feb 2020.
PolitiKAS: Beginning of Lectures in the Fall Semester for XI Generation
24. Sep 2019.
PolitiKAS: XI School of Teamwork Opens the Fall Semester for 2019/2020
20. Sep 2019.
PolitiKAS: Jubilee Generation has Successfully completed the Program
24. May 2019.
PolitiKAS: Open-Call for the XI Generation of Participants
16. May 2019.
PolitiKAS: About Serbia and the EU with the Romanian ambassador
25. Apr 2019.
PolitiKAS: About Specifics of German Political System
14. Mar 2019.
PolitiKAS: Beginning of the Spring Semester for the Jubilee X Generation
25. Feb 2019.
PolitiKAS: Successfully realized Fall Semester
29. Nov 2018.
PolitiKAS: Beginning of Lectures in the Fall Semester for X Generation
27. Sep 2018.
PolitiKAS: X School of Teamwork Opens the Autumn Semester
26. Sep 2018.
IX Generation of PolitiKAS Participants and Once-again Successfully completed Program
29. May 2018.
PolitiKAS: Beginning of Lectures in the Spring Semester for the IX Generation
20. Feb 2018.
The Fall Semester is Successfully Completed on PolitiKAS Education Program
30. Nov 2017.
PolitiKAS: On German elections at first hand
18. Oct 2017.
PolitiKAS: Beginning of Lectures in the Fall Semester for the IX Generation
25. Sep 2017.
Realized First Activities for the IX Generation on the Educational Programme "PolitiKAS"
14. Sep 2017.
Successful Completion of the Academic year for the VIII Generation of PolitiKAS Participants
11. Aug 2017.
PolitiKAS: The Beginning of Spring Semester
11. Aug 2017.
PolitiKAS: The Autumn Semester finished
11. Aug 2017.
PolitiKAS: Start of the Academic Year at the Educational Programme
04. Oct 2016.
PolitiKAS: Team-building School was held in Sabac
29. Sep 2016.
PolitiKAS: Delivery of Certificates for Participants of The VII Generation
31. May 2016.
PolitiKAS: Special Lecture "Germany in the EU"
24. Nov 2015.
PolitiKAS: Team-Building School held at Vrnjacka Banja
18. Nov 2015.
PolitiKAS: Start of the Academic Year at the Educational Programme
06. Oct 2015.
PolitiKAS: Certificates in The Hands of VI Generation!
19. May 2015.
Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection at BOS
10. Mar 2015.
PolitiKAS: Second Semester is dedicated to Discussion of Politics and Socio-economic Development
10. Feb 2015.
PolitiKAS: Lecture on Freedom of Media in Serbia Ended Fall Semester
19. Dec 2014.
Autumn School of Teamwork Welcomed VI Generation of the Educational Programme PolitiKAS
01. Oct 2014.
PolitiKAS: Award Ceremony for 5th Generation of Participants
28. May 2014.
PolitiKAS: The New Academic Year Started!
15. Oct 2013.
PolitiKAS: School of Teamwork for the 5th Generation of the Educational Programme PolitiKAS was held
03. Oct 2013.
PolitiKAS: Awarding Ceremony for the 4th Generation
21. May 2013.
PolitiKAS: The Second Semester started on Tuesday, 12th of February 2013
12. Feb 2013.
PolitiKAS: The First Semester of 2012/2013 was completed
25. Dec 2012.
PolitiKAS: Lectures start on 16th of October 2012
16. Oct 2012.
PolitiKAS: Participants of 4th Generation attended School of Teamwork at Srebrno jezero
04. Oct 2012.
PolitiKAS: Certificate Award Ceremony for the Third Generation
17. May 2012.
PolitiKAS: Second Semester ended
10. Apr 2012.
PolitiKAS – The Second Semester started
07. Feb 2012.
The First Semester on PolitiKAS ended
20. Dec 2011.
The Students Received Certificates
28. May 2011.
The Educational Programme "PolitiKAS" was completed
27. Apr 2011.
PolitiKAS - Beginning of Second Semester
08. Feb 2011.
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