Participants of the educational programme "PolitiKAS" are obliged to write one essay on each of the modules during the academic year. The aim of the essay-writing is to provide students room to express a critical attitude towards the phenomenon that is defined by the theme of the paper. Besides, essays serve to determine how successfully students use offered literature in an attempt to define certain phenomena or analysis of the phenomenon.

Module "Politics I"

Module Manager - Professor Stefan Surlic

  • Legality and Legitimacy in politics
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of the Decentralization in Serbia
  • Problems of Political Consolidation of Democracy in Serbia
  • Democracy and Populism: Similarities and Differences
  • Role of the Political Ideologies in Activity of Political Parties in Serbia

Module "Economic and Social Policy"

Module Manager - Marko Danon

  • Subsidizing Foreign Direct Investment: Is there a Better Alternative for Current Serbia Politics?
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of the Rejection of Dinar (Introduction of Euro) as Official Currency in Serbia
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of the Improvement of Information Technologies for the Economic Growth and Development of Serbia
  • Geographical Dispersion of Economic Activity in Serbia - Trends, Perspectives and Possibilities for Managing this Process?
  • Social Inclusion: Economic Need or a Basic Human Right

Module "European Integration"

Module Manager - Vladimir M. Pavlovic

  • Serbia's membership in the EU - a necessity or an unnecessary reality
  • Characteristics of Euroscepticism in Serbia
  • Regional cooperation in the EU integration process
  • The future of the European Union - in which direction is further (dis)integration going?
  • Basis of the EU - what is the future of economic integration?

Module "Politics II"

Module Manager - Milica Skiljevic

  • The main mission and challenges of the state in the 21st century
  • The future of the political scene in Serbia
  • The impact of populism on the party system of Serbia
  • Between realism and idealism - human rights in times of crisis
  • What is the future of security in Europe?
  • The future of international relations after global crises


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