Youth Dialogue with the Prime Minister: On Internships and Quality Youth Employment

On February 19, 2021, in the national Government, the Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic, for the second time met with the youth including the representatives from Belgrade Open School (BOS) – Goran Radlovacki and Jovana Bozickovic.


WEB4YES: The 4th partners meeting in Sarajevo - Advocating for better employment conditions for young people in the Western Balkans

Young people from Western Balkans countries face numerous challenges in finding good career opportunities for mobility. The WEB4YES Regional Initiative seeks to defy these statistics and help creating better conditions for all young people by empowering civil society organizations to participate in decision-making processes and advocacy activities regarding the youth employment policies.

How European initiatives can contribute to more inclusive services in the hospitality sector

Popular places for youth gatherings are public squares, cafes, restaurants, clubs and various places that are rich in cultural amenities such as cinemas, theaters. However, do we sometimes wonder if ALL young people have access to youth content. Access to services, training staff to provide the same quality of service to all guests, regardless of the type of support they require, whether they are handicapped, pregnant women, the elderly or a person with a unique diet, is addressed by the HORECACCESS project with which the partner and Belgrade Open School.

Why #unicorn internships?

Research in Serbia has shown that young people have positive attitudes towards internships, but that 50% of young people were in a program of a non-mentoring internship program, 78% took part in a non-contractual internship program, and even 90% of the interns were not paid. Such data is not surprising given the findings of the Belgrade Open School analysis, which indicate that there is no adequate contractual form in Serbia for regulating the relationship between those who are offering internship program and interns and that there are no mechanisms for ensuring the quality of internship.

Mentoring and sport for social inclusion

When it comes to mentoring, there are many areas and situations in which we can apply it . We can talk about peer mentoring, mentoring at companies or educational institutions. However, what about  sport and mentoring when it comes to empowering young people with disabilities? We tried to find answers of these questions during a study visit to Florence as part of the VM - PRO - Validation of Youth Mentoring project, which also strives to enable young people with disabilities to identify their competencies and interests to their direct their personal development and complete their education.


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