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The first free online system in Serbia for career planning. We offer you self-assessment tests, descriptions of jobs and faculties, career plan form and CV! Our Career Advisor is at your disposal for all types of careers doubts.


WEB4YES - Advocating for better employment conditions for youth

Young people from Western Balkans countries face numerous challenges in finding good career opportunities for mobility. The WEB4YES Regional Initiative seeks to defy these statistics and help creating better conditions for all young people by empowering civil society organizations to participate in decision-making processes and advocacy activities regarding the youth employment policies.


How to manage the hospitality sector during corona time

Do you want to improve your hospitality business and services? Do you want to attract more guests and further develop your business?

While quarantine lasts, we have the right thing for you!


Career guidance and counselling as support mechanism for migrant population

Empowering migrants to enter the EU labor market is a difficult and challenging process characterized by diverse and often uncertain socio-economic, socio-political and cultural differences and barriers. Throughout their process of adapting to a different culture, career guidance and counseling skills can serve as a useful tool for integration into the job market.


Why #unicorn internships?

Even though internships in Serbia are widely spread, our legal framework does not recognize a legal and contractual obligation between an intern and employer. Whereat elements of quality internships contain contractual relationship, mentorship, some kind of financial motivation, a good internship is, like a unicorn, impossible to find.



Quality Internships – Consultative Meetings

Under the initiative of Belgrade Open School individual consultative meetings were held with representatives of trade unions, Labour and Education ministries, American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia, Serbian Association of Employers, representatives of “Education to Employment” programme.


Advanced training on career guidance and counseling in high schools

How can we help students to make career decisions based on authentic and relevant information? What competencies are necessary for career practitioners to successfully provide career guidance and counseling services? How we can prepare students for a job or internship interview? These are just some of the topics we addressed during the two-day training "One step further towards comprehensive and quality services of career guidance and counseling", held on September 19-20 in Belgrade.

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What are the challenges in career guidance development in Serbia compared to the Western Balkan countries and the European Union?

How to obtain a job, decide to change a job, choose secondary school or higher education institution, go back to education – those are the challenges which every person face with. Behind the support provided to individuals to make career decisions, stand the term “career guidance and counselling” often followed by the attribute “lifelong” to point out that this kind of support is needed for citizens of any age and in any life period.

5 for 5! - Five awards at the Fifth Fair of Schools Teams for Career Guidance and Counseling

That school activities can at the same time encourage creativity and innovation of students while actively contributing to identifying their own competencies and interests related to further education, showed the jubilee fifth edition of the Fair of Schools Teams for Career Guidance and Counseling held at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce on the 27th of May 2019. 







Through its programme area for improvement of employability Belgrade Open School supports individuals in finding creative answers to the challenges of searching, getting and keeping a job and advancing in both their professional and personal lives