Jelena Šapić

Educational Programme Coordinator



Jelena Šapić is a Coordinator of the educational programme Future Studies of the Belgrade Open School and Academic Counselling. She coordinates activities on the educational programme, participates in creating programme unit contents for a specific academic year. Also, she coordinates communication with all participants and coworkers and works on the promotion of the school’s educational programme. As a coordinator of Academic Counselling, she is responsible for providing educational guidance and assistance for students planning on studying abroad at selected universities. She graduated from the Central European Union, majoring in International Relations and European Studies. She attended numerous seminars, programmes, and conferences, particularly in the field of digital labour, platform economy, and digital divides. She was a student of the XX generation of Belgrade Open School’s educational programme Future Studies.

Milica Vukadinovic




Milica Vukadinović is a Demonstrator on the educational programme ‘'Future Studies'’ of the Belgrade Open School. She is in charge of conducting the teaching process by communicating with students and lecturers as well as organizing additional activities within the programme.  She administrates campaigns on social media for the aforementioned programme and participates in planning and implementation of campaigns for enrollment of new students. She is a final year student at the Faculty of Organisational Sciences, at the Information systems and technologies department. She was a student of the XXIV generation of the educational programme "Future Studies" of the Belgrade Open School.