Schedule for the Academic Year 2018/2019

Module: Politics I

25.09.2018. Modern Political Ideologies: Basic Ideas and Types of Conservatism
02.10.2018. German Electoral System
09.10.2018. Politics and Political Theory: Problems and Categorization
16.10.2018. Government Division
23.10.2018. Political Ideas in Parliamentary Practice
30.10.2018. The Role and the Responsibility of the Civil Society and Trade Unions in Serbia
06.11.2018. Dialogue Culture and Political Culture in Serbia
13.11.2018. History and Theory of Constitutionalism
20.11.2018. Media between Informing and Propaganda
27.11.2018. Religion and Politics

Module: Economic and Social Policy

25.09.2018. The Future of Regional Development - Serbia and the World
02.10.2018. The policy of Economic Development
09.10.2018. Fiscal Policy
16.10.2018. Monetary Policy in Serbia
23.10.2018. Global Economic Opportunities
30.10.2018. Recession in Serbia
06.11.2018. A Discussion of Development Aid and Finance 
13.11.2018. Analysis of Public Policies in a Real Context – Case Study
20.11.2018. Social Market Economy
27.11.2018. Innovative Forms of Business

Module: Politics II

19.02.2019. Identity Divisions in the Public Sphere and Institutions of Democratic Plural Societies
26.02.2019. Creation and Role of National States in the European History
05.03.2019. The National-State in the Post-National Europe
12.03.2019. Political System of Germany
19.03.2019. Global Trends and Contemporary World
26.03.2019. The downside of the Globalization and Modernity: Images and Stereotypes of Sub-Saharan Africa
02.04.2019. The Key Challenges of the Regional Policy Today
09.04.2019. The Basis of International Relations and Diplomacy 
16.04.2019. International Protection of the Human and Minority Rights
23.04.2019. Personal Data Protection and Information of Public Importance  

Module: European Integration

19.02.2019. Understanding the EU: Introduction to Institutional frame and Decision Making Process
26.02.2019. Who Holds the key to the EU: Policy Making and Lobbying in the European Union
05.03.2019. Euroscepticism – Analysis of the Political Discourse
12.03.2019. Is made in EU the same as made in Slovakia or Germany?
19.03.2019. EU Security Policy - a Gap between Individual Responsibility and Global Security
26.03.2019. Brexit – going towards better or away from it?
02.04.2019. Energy Policy of Serbia – from fulfilling the form to the real needs
09.04.2019. Regional Initiatives in the Western Balkans: Shortcut to the EU or…?
16.04.2019. The Berlin process: post-Berlin Calculations and the Integration of the Western Balkans
23.04.2019. Serbia and EU – Where are we now?


The National-State in the Post-National Europe

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