PolitiKAS: Love each other, instead of tolerating

Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic of COVID-19 and changed dynamics of Programme, all 19 participants of the XI generation successfully completed PolitiKAS educational Programme.

Participants at the end of the Programme have the opportunity to once again listen the lecturer who and whose lecture was rated as the best. This time it was Marko Vekovic, from the Faculty of Political Sciences University of Belgrade, who gave a special lecture on the topic of Religion and Democracy. Participants had the opportunity to hear what is common to Israel, Algeria and India, more about the role of the church in modern society, especially in times of crisis, as well as the importance of secularization. Participants were also interested in the characteristics of conflicts around the world, based on religion. The lecturer concluded this special lecture with the message referred to relations between not only different religions, but also political options: To love each other, not just to tolerate.

On this occasion, the best students of the XI generation were announced. This year, they are Dusan Mitrovic and Milos Vulic. Aleksandra Sredojevic received a special commendation for her dedication in attending the Programme.

As every year, the participants acquired new knowledge and skills within four modules that were realized in two semesters. In the first semester, the modules Politics I and Economic and Social Policy were realized, while in the second semester they listened to lectures on the modules Politics II and European Integration. You can read about Programme activities here, or look how it looked like here.

Applications for the XII generation of PolitiKAS will be opened soon, and all information can be found on our website.

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