PolitiKAS: Jubilee Generation has Successfully completed the Program

The certificate awarding ceremony for the participants of the jubilee X-generation of the educational program "PolitiKAS" was held on May 20th, 2019 in the premises of the Belgrade Open School. During the awarding ceremony, the participants were welcomed by Gordana Pilipovic from KAS, Danijela Grubnic, coordinator of the educational program "PolitiKAS" and Milorad Bjeletic, Executive Director of BOS. On this occasion, they emphasized that all 24 participants have successfully completed the program, which proves the commitment of both the organizer and the participants themselves.

This year, before the start of the special lecture and certificate awarding ceremony, the  participants also had the opportunity to learn interesting information about Belgrade with the art historian Ana Samardzic. This year's walking tour included Kalemegdan and the Belgrade Fortress. The participants had the opportunity to learn more about the political turmoil that took place at the crossroads of the two rivers.

After the walking tour, the participants had the opportunity to hear another special lecture of their choice. Every year, participants at the end of the semester chose the lecturers who they want to hear again before the beginning of the certificate awarding ceremony. This year, two lecturers, professor Vladimir Pavicevic and M.P. Vladimir Orlic, were elected. The topic of the special lecture was "Reflections on Serbian contemporary parliamentarism", which was realized in the form of debates between lecturers and participants.

After the lecture, the participants were awarded with certificates and the most successful participants in the generations were chosen. This year, this title was given to Jovan Vidojevic and Nenad Joksimovic.

This year, the participants acquired new knowledge within four modules, which were realized in two semesters. In the first semester, the modules Policy I and Economic and Social Policy were implemented, while in the second semester they attended lectures on the modules Policy II and European Integration. During the program with colleagues and lecturers, participants had the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences and discuss on various topics.

An Open - Call for the next XI generation of participants og the program is open, and more informations you can find HERE.

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