PolitiKAS: About Serbia and the EU with the Romanian ambassador

On Tuesday, April 16, 2019, participants of the jubilee X generation of the educational program PolitiKAS had the opportunity to meet, HE. Oana Kristina Popa Ambassador of Romania. The Ambassador, alongside Vladimir Medjak, Vice President of the European Movement in Serbia, shared the knowledge from Romania's road to the EU.

The topic of the lecture was Serbia and the EU: where are we now ?, and the lecture was moderated by Jelena Babic, programme manager of BOS and the head of one of the modules on the programme.

Vladimir Medjak introduced the participants to the legal, political and economic obligations that Serbia must fulfill in order to become an equal member of the EU. He talked about the chapters that had been opened so far, about the chapters that still need to be opened and the conclusions of chapter 35.

Ambassador Popa shared her experience with Romania’s road the EU and stressed the importance of respecting the conditions set by the chapters. According to her, fulfilling these conditions will enable Serbia to enter the EU more stable and more prepared for all the economic and political challenges it brings. Participants expressed their interest in numerous issues and comments on the current presidency of Romania, whose six-month EU integration agenda for the Western Balkans takes a significant place.

There is another block of lectures on the subject of Euro-skepticism and personal data protection for students to complete the semester. After that, there will be a short break and preparation for the award ceremony and a special lecture of their choice.

Belgrade Open School
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