PolitiKAS: About Specifics of German Political System

The jubilee tenth generation of educational programme ’’PolitiKAS’’ had an opportunity to find out interesting facts about the specifics of the German political system, on Tuesday, March 12th, in Belgrade Open School. They talked about it with Matthias Schikorski diplomat of the German Embassy in Serbia.

Gordana Pilipovic, project coordinator of KAS, introduced Mr. Matthias to students and began the lecture.

Mr. Matthias Schikorski introduced the participants to the foundations of the German political system. Through historical and current examples, he spoke about relations of the two houses of parliament, the role of the president and the chancellor, and in general about relations of political institutions and the way they function. The Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany and the way human rights and relations are regulated among federal units were particularly interesting to participants. As Mr. Schikorski is part of the diplomatic corps of his country in Serbia, questions about relations between the two countries and the possibilities of even deeper cooperation were inevitable. 

For the jubilee generation of participants this lecture will serve as an excellent introduction to the lectures that are just ahead of them concerning regional policies, diplomacy, protection of human and minority rights.

By the end of the curriculum of the program, there are still twelve lectures that will cover different topics in the field of European integrations and policies that shape our society. At the end, the semester will be rounded off by writing an essay that will cover topics they have had an opportunity to listen to in the spring semester.

Belgrade Open School
Masarikova 5/16
11000 Belgrade