PolitiKAS: Beginning of the Spring Semester for the Jubilee X Generation

The Spring semester for the jubilee X generation of the education programme PolitiKAS began on Tuesday, February 19th, 2019. The head of modules, Jelena Babic and Vladimir M. Pavlovic, welcomed the participants, and so did Gordana Pilipovic from the Konrad Adenauer Foundation before the lectures started.

Professor Vesna Knezevic Predic opened the Spring semester with a lecture on the European Integration module. The theme of the lecture was Understanding the European Union: Introduction to the institutional framework and decision-making processes. Participants were able to learn about the complex EU organization as well as the legal frameworks within it.

The second lecture was reserved for the theme of democratic plural societies and divisions in the public sphere, and all of these participants discussed with professor Miodrag Jovanovic who held this lecture as part of the module Politics II.

During the Spring semester, participants will be able to learn about EU integrations and political concepts important for the organization and functioning of the society and its political system. The topics that this semester covers concerns the emergence and role of states, EU security policy, regional policy, cybersecurity, human and minority rights...

The working part of the Spring semester will be rounded off by participants writing of two academic essays that will analyze in more detail some of the topics they had the opportunity to hear during the lectures. The end of programme for the X generation will be marked by a special lecture given by the lecturer chosen by participants themselves, visiting Kralja Petra street and getting to know architectural works important for the city of Belgrade and certificate awarding ceremony.

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