PolitiKAS: X School of Teamwork Opens the Autumn Semester

Belgrade open school in collaboration with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and Eduardo Frei Foundation (EFF) has marked the beginning of a one-year educational programme for its X generation for the academic year 2018/2019 with the School of teamwork held from September 20th - September 23rd at "Vojvodina" hotel in Zrenjanin.

X generation of the programme has gathered 24 representatives of moderate right-wing political parties. This year's participants had the opportunity of participating in discussions during lectures and workshops dedicated to a great number of topics that are of value to their future social and political activities. Sessions at the School of teamwork were directed primarily to raising knowledge and polishing skills in regards to teamwork, roles and processes within a team and mutual understanding. The goal of these activities was to improve internal team communication and equality as a necessary part of group dynamics. In relation to that, important questions such as decision making and assertive resolution of problems and conflicts within a group were also raised. On another note, Abel Reitsma and Frank Visser, EFF trainers, held an interactive lecture on the subject of Christian democracy, and the Dutch political system, its important aspects, as well as a comparison to several political ideologies, as well as those on which the right-wing Dutch political party is based on. 

The students of the programme are required to write an essay at the end of each semester covering topics that have been mentioned during lectures. That is why a part of the School was devoted to the intricacies of academic writing.

Informal part of the School of teamwork also ensured a proper and quality introduction among students through a variety of dynamic, interactive and interesting activities. 

Representatives of BOS and KAS welcomed the new generation of PolitiKAS programme with an opening speech. The training team consisted of Vesna Djukic, general director of BOS, Milorad Bjeletic, executive director of BOS, Vladimir Pavicevic, academic advisor of BOS, and Abel Reitsma and Frank Visser, EFF trainers.

Lectures on the programme officially begin on September 25th. The first semester and its modules are  Politics I and Economic and Social Policy, at which the students will be able to take part in discussions and workshops that explore the meaning of politics, political heritage and culture, and also, economic and social aspects of society's challenges. 

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