Wash your hands! If you can...

The needs for food, water, air and sleep are at the very bottom of the Pyramid of Maslow's hierarchy of human needs. They are basic, because satisfying them is a prerequisite for any other human activity. At moderate temperatures, an adult can spend only a few days without drinking water before collapsing due to dehydration. Except for drinking, water is also necessary for the preparation of food, and without water it is difficult to meet the hygiene criteria to prevent the spread of infections and diseases.


COVID-19 and the environment

In the last couple of weeks, we had a chance to read how COVID-19 pandemic is, all about nature striking back to humans, who believed they subordinated nature to themselves. Is this for real though? Let’s have a look at the available information and relevant facts and make our own judgment. This will undoubtedly be an important topic for scientists in the years ahead of us and we will, for sure, get back to this topic as soon as there is much more complete information.


Online courses: Our recommendations

You probably could not imagine that, under regular circumstances, lectures in primary and secondary schools are implementing via television and the Internet, that you can go to the shop only until 5pm, that usual going to work is replaced by installing a laptop in the living room (or bedroom). However, the situation we are in has led to changes happening suddenly, which rapidly changed our habits and behaviors. Online lectures, though, are not something so new.


On air quality during a state of emergency: (Un)expected data

How did the change in traffic intensity in the state of emergency affect air quality? Data from Serbian Environmental Protection Agency showed that, in the week after the introduction of the state of emergency and prohibition of movement of the population, at the time when cars were parked across Serbia, increased air pollution was actually observed in almost all environments where PM10 and PM2.5 concentrations were measured.



Evropa za poneti

Evropa za poneti

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