A dream of a world without hunger

Danil Granin, a Soviet writer and war veteran who survived the siege of Leningrad, said in 2014 during the Holocaust celebrations in the German parliament that he could not forgive the Germans for a long time for waiting for the capitulation of the city. It was dishonorable for him that hunger was sent to the city instead of soldiers.


Decarbonization in the era of pandemic

Do you remember what you did the day you first heard about the coronavirus? It seemed like distant, unrealistic and not very important news for your life. And do you remember what you did on the last day, before the epidemic was declared in Serbia? What did normal life look like before the coronavirus? And what did you do after the virus entered our country? Your life has changed radically. Now you are waiting for the pandemic to pass, for us to gain immunity, for them to produce a vaccine… so that your life returns to normal. 


Protection of public goods, rather than cutting Kosutnjak for private interests!

Experts and civil society organizations demand that the regulation of the Avala Film complex ensure the protection of the public good and the right of the population of Belgrade to a healthy and preserved environment, while respecting the procedures for planning and legal documents.


The sea is the source of life – The sustainable development goal number 14

Water covers more than 70 percent of the Earth's surface. Due to the existence of liquid water, our planet is often called the blue planet. Despite their size, today the water surfaces and life in them are under threat due to intensive human activities, which affect all environmental media, and thus the seas and oceans. In order to save life under water, it is necessary to react as soon as possible, and goal 14 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals can be a guideline on how to react.



Evropa za poneti

Evropa za poneti

Progovori o pregovorima


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Energy, Climate and Environment


Građanska mreža za merenje kvaliteta vazduha u Srbiji

Belgrade Open School contributes to accountable environmental policy, based on civic participation in the decision making process and partnership of civil society and public institutions.