Webinar Sustainable Development Goal No. 7 “Affordable and Clean Energy”

Which heating system do you use?

With the colder weather brought by the autumn and winter months, the energy needs of households are drastically increasing. For many citizens, the heating season, in addition to the imperatives of heating an apartment or house and maintaining comfort, also brings increased financial challenges. It is estimated that household heating costs account for about 10% of total costs.


For some new and sustainable "normal" in 2021

The end of the year is traditionally reserved for summarizing impressions. The global COVID-19 pandemic definitely marked this year and all the activities that took place during it. Coronavirus has not bypassed the environmental sector, so we could hear conflicting opinions, while on the one hand it was monitored how much the slowdown in human activities affected the recovery of the planet, on the other hand the global pandemic slowed or almost stopped some global processes to fight for sustainability planet.


Can citizens really participate in spatial development management?

On March 12, 2019, the citizens of Belgrade were surprised by the sight of JKP Zelenilo cutting down trees in Ušće Park and at the Kalemegdan Fortress. It was explained that the preparatory works for the construction of the cable car (better known as the gondola) are underway and that the citizens should be thanked for the development of the tourism and traffic infrastructure in Belgrade. Soon, thousands of citizens expressed dissatisfaction with the cutting of trees, the reduction of green areas in the city center and the endangerment of the Kalemegdan Fortress, as one of the features of the cultural landscape of Belgrade.

RERI and BOS have launched public consultations on new Air Quality Plan for the City of Belgrade

Economic cost due to air pollution is one third of Serbia's GDP

The percentage of households that use solid fuels, the average annual concentration of PM 2.5 particles, and mortality from air pollution - these are internationally accepted indicators that both Belgrade and Serbia should monitor, and they do not. The question is why? 



Evropa za poneti

Evropa za poneti

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